Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia


Slovenia tourism guide

Slovenia is a model country which is located between Eastern and Central Europe. Situated between two continents, it is full of natural beauties. Every year many tourists come to this country for the natural attraction. After the independence of Yugoslavia in 1991, the country has become a popular holiday destination in Europe with its many attractions. Due to its geographical position, this lively destination is an intersection between the Mediterranean, the Alps, and the Pannonian lowlands. The diverse and lively destination invites with a 45 km long Mediterranean coast full Sandy beaches and a sub-Mediterranean climate for a relaxing beach holiday. Here I am providing a brief Slovenia travel guide.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is also the largest city in the entire country. The Habsburg Empire and its subsequent leadership by the People's Republic of Yugoslavia have had a strong influence on the architecture, cultural heritage and lifestyles of its inhabitants feel. Ljubljana is in possession of numerous Baroque buildings. While the West leaves a modern impression, in the east, separated by the river Ljubljanica, is the historic old town. Both sides are connected by several bridges, the most famous of which is the Tromostovje Bridge on Preseren Square. Winding, narrow streets characterize the old town, whose image is dominated by the imposing medieval fortress from a hill.

Outside of the capital, Ljubljana, numerous attractions play an important role in tourism in Slovenia. One of the highlights of a trip to Slovenia is the visit of the fascinating stalactite caves of Postojna as well as Skocjan. Postojna Cave is a 20-kilometer cave, decorated with stalactites and, due to its beauty, the most visited cave in Europe. A cave train allows you to explore a breathtaking underground world. So, whenever you go to visit the place, don’t forget to explore the view of the underground world. There is not only the natural things to explore, but you will be surprised seeing the manmade beauty. Slovenia is full of architectural treasures which will blow your mind.

The attractive coastal town of Piran also offers unique sights. The city is perched on a promontory that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by an infinite coastline. The architecture still has a Venetian style today. Evening entertainment finds tourists due to the high student numbers in the state capital as well as in Maribor.

So, Slovenia is a place full of adventure and natural beauty. Local people love to go for outdoor activities. They also welcome tourists for their outdoor activities. However, you will get to do lots of outdoor activities which will make your Slovenia tour the most memorable one.